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In 1956 Lois Harris Kuhn was awarded a contract from a major New York publisher to author The World of Jo Davidson, a biography of the late internationally renowned sculptor.  But it was her lifestyle and prolific work environment that fueled the next decade during which she turned out page after page elaborating on the things she had done, events she had observed and the people she met along the way.  From sneezing enough to make famed Conductor Leopold Stokowski actually stop the Philadelphia Orchestra in the middle of a Brahms performance so to glance in disdain toward her direction in the upper balcony, to marrying a man so much her opposite and merely confessing their lifelong commitment together was the epitome of a mixed marriage…a mix of one man and one woman.

Lois Unboxed is a variety of her works—short and long, real and imagined--unboxed after being shelved and stored for over 50 years. They bring to life her memories and observations of a rugged individualist—opinionated yet reserved when necessary; sensitive and caring, yet defiant to those who weren’t…but make no mistake about it, at all times a loving daughter, wife and mother.


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