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Title:                          Lois Unboxed

Author :                       Lois Harris Kuhn

                                    With Marc Kuhn and Zoe Kuhn Williams

Published:                   February 2018 by  Marc L. Kuhn through

            CreateSpace Independent Publishing                     Platform USA

Copyright:                  February 2018, Marc L. Kuhn   

Cover and

   Interior Design:     Marc Kuhn

Format:                       Paperback and E-versions

E-book:                       Kindle and some compatible versions                available at amazon.com; Nook edition             available at BN.com


Language/Genre:         English / Literary Collections, General


Primary Demo:             Adults

Price:                         $8.95 for paperback at amazon.com

                                   $TBD  for Kindle or Nook editions

ISBN-13:                     978-1985661035

Dimensions:               5.5” x 8.5” x .5” - 212 Pages

Web Site                     http://loisunboxed.com