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Davidson sculpted just about every major world leader and celebrity of the 20th Century. While he had already passed by the time Lois began writing the book she managed to befriend Davidson’s widow, Florence, who lived in Paris.  Mrs. Davidson made several trips to New York and provided tremendous personal remembrances for my mother’s research on the book.

The book earned Lois $500 for the manuscript and fifteen cents for every copy sold. She didn’t care about the money. For her, being published was the payoff. It was personal and priceless. 

Despite its 1956 publication date, The World of Jo Davidson is still available at amazon.com.

Precious spare moments throughout Lois Harris Kuhn’s life were consumed by her drive to become a successful writer. In 1956 her efforts paid off. She secured a contract with then New York publisher, Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy to write a biography of the renowned American Sculptor, Jo Davidson. The book was eventually titled, The World of Jo Davidson.