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Writings of Pioneer Working Mom

Published After 50 Years In Storage

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 1—Award winning independent author, Marc Kuhn, announces publication of Lois Unboxed, a selection of his mother’s writings recently “unboxed” after 50 years in storage.

Midway through the twentieth century, Lois Harris Kuhn bucked the norm that dictated young suburban wives stay at home keeping house, raising the children and having a pot roast dinner ready for their husbands when they returned from work. One reason behind her rebellion: Philadelphia’s Gratz High School had her locked and loaded for high-end secretarial jobs when she was released into the working world of 1931.

After marrying the boy next door and starting a family, she chose to leave the dirty dishes and laundry behind and allowed her two sons to fend for themselves during the few hours between the end of school and when their parents returned home.  She, as a working mom and the children as latchkey kids no doubt stirred up a lot of neighborhood gossip long before those terms originated.  

Meanwhile, the times and culture precluded her from ever pursuing positions more advanced—the same positions her bosses held that she could have mastered and more than likely surpassed. Typing memos and taking dictation would provide income and an escape from housewifery, but nothing beyond.  She needed greater, personal fulfillment.  For that, she chose writing.

In 1956 she was awarded a contract from a major New York publisher to write a biography of the late, internationally acclaimed sculpture, Jo Davidson. What followed was an explosive writing spree over the next decade that produced a bountiful stream of essays, vignettes, poems and short stories. Sadly, most wound up in storage.  Here now, some 50 years later, unboxed and meticulously curated by her granddaughter, Zoe Kuhn Williams, are many of these selected writings of Lois Harris Kuhn.   

The book is a family collaboration.  Granddaughter Zoe sifted and sorted through stacks of Lois’ stored writings, much of which were disorganized and disheveled with pages of individual stories scatter throughout.  Meanwhile, son and independent author, Marc Kuhn, served as final compiler, editor and designer.

Selections in Lois Unboxed vary both brief and long, both true and imagined. They represent Lois Harris Kuhn’s experiences and observations of the times in which she lived...a time capsule, if you will, but one in which she herself refused to be encapsulated.

Zoe Kuhn Williams lives with her husband and teaches high school art in rural North Carolina.  She plays hammered dulcimer and mandolin and is a fan of genealogy and medieval and Renaissance history

Marc Kuhn is a retired radio executive turned independent author. He has published award winning children’s books, three adult novels and a novelty book for singles. More information about Kuhn and links to his books can be found on his personal website:      

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For Release March 1, 2018

 Release March 1, 2018