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Lois Harris Kuhn lived her entire life in

Philadelphia. Like many young ladies of her era, she studied secretarial skills and became exceptionally fast at typing and shorthand.  But it was her intellectual capacity that made her a commodity among professionals seeking administrative assistance. She married a draftsman from Baltimore in 1939, the couple having two boys born in the mid-1940’s.  Lois rejected the thought of being a permanent housewife and eventually rejoined her office colleagues as soon as her boys were able to fend for themselves after school.  All this time, she wrote relentlessly, turning out short stories, books, essays, even poems.  Her first and only book published was a youth’s biography of renowned sculptor, Jo Davidson.  Her writing continued into her retirement years, practically up to the time of her death in 1990.


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Marc Kuhn is a retired radio executive turned independent author. He has published award winning children’s books, three adult novels and a novelty book for singles who are dating. More information about Kuhn and links to his books can be found on his personal website: http://marckuhn.com       

Zoe Kuhn Williams lives with her husband and teaches high school art in rural North Carolina.  She plays hammered dulcimer and mandolin and is a fan of genealogy and medieval and Renaissance history.